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Implants aren’t cheap or easy, so a great deal of care has to be applied to ensure success. The Patient not only wants great looking teeth, but they also want it to last.

As a long established Crown & Bridge Laboratory we started early on Implants (1992) and we started early on Digital. These combinations give us the knowledge to design and make your Implant restorations the best way. We look at every aspect to give the Clinician and the Patient the best Implant restoration that will look great and last. If the case needs a custom abutment as its set deep with lots of tissue, then that’s what you get, we don’t cut corners with a short fat Titanium link that will destroy the tissue you so carefully spent time maintaining. Every case is looked at carefully and designed accordingly.

After the initial design we use the latest digital techniques to process and manufacture your restoration using the most up to date materials.

Where we think there is a better option to that suggested we will advise you. We will work with you to get the best result in what are often challenging circumstances.

Not sure of your next step or doing a full arch, speak to us so we get the best result for the patient and everyone has a comfortable journey from design to fit. There are important steps NOT to be missed for success.

New to Implants, not sure of which part to use, give us a ring.

We work on all Implant systems.

Many Implants are now restored from an intraoral digital scan…….Speak to us before your first case as a digital scan/Impression is not possible on all systems.

Implant Planning software.

We use Codiagnostix, thought to be the best surgery/Lab based system available. Want to see it/Try it…. Ring us.

Our lab delivers dental products made from advanced materials with attention to details.

Great Looking Implants

Our Quality.

Durable, strong and stain resistant.

We are using only top class components from market leaders to make our product last and keep your patients happy.

How it works.

We provide time saving workflow for our Clients.

We accept digital impressions files from all intraoral scanners as well as classic impressions. Just contact us to order the collection.

How to start.

Send us an email or give us a call.

We are here to help you and make your work more efficient. We offer many convenient and tested solutions to deliver your high quality dental products on time.

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