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It’s all about your patients smile.

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Our lab delivers dental products made from advanced materials with attention to details.

We offer high quality and long-lasting bridges, crowns, veneers and implants. We provide fast and reliable services for Dental Clinics. We are the one-stop shop for all your needs.





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Durable, strong and stain resistant.

We are using only top-class components from market leaders to make our product last and keep your patients happy.

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We provide time saving workflow for our Clients.

We accept digital impressions files from all intraoral scanners as well as classic impressions. Just contact us to order the collection.

A parcel with analogue work should contain: completed order (lab sheet), diagnostic impressions, patient’s photos should be sent by e-mail to bcbceramics (at)

Digital work should include: job description (or completed order / lab sheet), scans of both dental arches, short-circuit registration scan, scan before grinding and patient photos.
Digital work orders with information should be sent to the address: bcbceramics (at)

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We are here to help you and make your work more efficient. We offer many convenient and tested solutions to deliver your high quality dental products on time.

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